Megan Stifel, Chief Strategy Officer at the Institute for Security and Technology, to Lead Discussions on Potential Solutions for Sustaining Cybersecurity Initiatives for the Common Good

We are thrilled to unveil another significant addition to our Common Good Cyber Workshop in Washington D.C. on February 26-27: Megan Stifel will be steering the ship as the esteemed moderator for our second panel on ‘Possible Solutions’, where we aim to collectively outline the pros and cons of possible solutions for resourcing cybersecurity for … Read More

Introducing the Common Good Cyber Initiative: Unlocking the Future of Internet Security

The Common Good Cyber initiative is a collaborative effort aimed at galvanizing action to strengthen the Internet’s resilience. Unlike most other services that are a critical part of our lives, like roads and electric power, the Internet relies on people and nonprofits working on shaky ground and razor-thin budgets. The initiative will formally kick off … Read More