Common Good Cyber Workshop

Common Good Cyber Workshop 2024

The workshop which is set to take place at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. on February 26-27 aspires to kickstart Common Good Cyber by nurturing a shared understanding of the issue at hand and cultivating a community united in its commitment to address it. The goal is to take concrete steps to collectively address the challenge by working on “what can we do now” and “what can we enable” in the long-term. The primary objectives include a comprehensive examination of past successes and failures, generating innovative solutions (e.g. joint fund, blended finance models, etc), and prioritizing those with significant potential for impact to move forward. 

This workshop is not just a gathering; it’s a call to action. By uniting key decision-makers from diverse sectors and countries, we aim to catalyze transformative change. Together, we will identify innovative solutions to secure the Internet for the future. 

The workshop was made possible with the support and collaboration of:

Key Elements

When: February 26-27, 2024

Where: National Press Club

Washington, DC

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Empowering nonprofit organizations to sustain the core capabilities of the Internet is not just an investment in cybersecurity; it’s a commitment to safeguarding the digital backbone of innovation, fostering economic growth, and securing the limitless possibilities that a thriving Internet offers to society.

Philip Reitinger – President and CEO, Global Cyber Alliance