RSA Conference 2024

Common Good Cyber Track Session

at RSA Conference 2024

Current investments do not adequately support Internet-enabled social and economic progress for everyone. Internet resilience depends on the voluntary contributions of many people, and the resources supporting resilience are razor-thin. What can be done to institutionalize support for common good cybersecurity – to build adequate funding into law and policy, business processes, and government?

Moderator: Phil Reitinger, Global Cyber Alliance


Camille Stewart, The White House

Craig Newmark, Craig Newmark Philanthropies

Megan Stifel, Institute for Security and Technology

Michael Lashlee, Mastercard

Key Elements

When: May 6, 2024 1:10 pm PT

Where: RSA Conference

San Francisco, CA

Consider the positive impact if every funding entity were to allocate just a 1% increase in their grants towards cybersecurity. Common Good Cyber is leading the charge to collectively operationalize this vision, ensuring a secure Internet for future generations.

Megan Stifel, Institute for Security and Technology