Navigating Solutions for Sustainable Cybersecurity Initiatives: Meet the Speakers of the ‘Possible Solutions’ Panel

As we prepare to delve into potential solutions for sustainable funding mechanisms in cybersecurity, we are delighted to introduce the esteemed speakers who will guide us through this enlightening discussion. This panel, moderated by Megan Stifel, promises to offer insights and strategies that pave the way for lasting initiatives in the cybersecurity landscape.

Meet our Speakers 

Moderator: Megan Stifel 

Megan Stifel is Chief Strategy Officer at the Institute for Security and Technology and the founder of Silicon Harbor Consultants, which provides strategic cybersecurity operations and policy counsel. The author of a 2018 paper on the use of a sustainability framework to secure the modern digital economy, Megan will draw on her experience to offer insight into cyber threats and strategic solutions as moderator.

Bonnie Leff 

Bonnie Leff, Senior VP, Corporate Security Program Management at Mastercard, brings a unique perspective from the private sector given Mastercard’s commitment to inclusive growth and security. Bonnie will share insights into how industry partners can coordinate to achieve longer term funding in cybersecurity.

Bryan Nunez

Bryan Nunez, VP of Technology at the Open Technology Fund, brings his experience in fostering innovation and supporting digital rights globally. With a focus on joint funding mechanisms, Bryan will share insights into collaborative approaches that can ensure sustained support for cybersecurity initiatives.

Rob Knake

Rob Knake, Head of Strategy at ActZero, is a leading advocate for innovative business models in cybersecurity. As the proponent of Cyber B Corps, he will explore how such models can promote social responsibility within the cybersecurity industry.

Dianna Langley

Dianna Langley, Chief Operating Officer at NetHope, is dedicated to leveraging technology for social good. Through curated grant recipient lists and strategic partnerships for digital public goods, she will highlight how collective efforts can amplify the impact of cybersecurity funding initiatives.

Florian Schütz

Florian Schütz, Swiss Federal Cyber Security Delegate and Chair of the OECD Working Party on Security in the Digital Economy, brings a global perspective to the discussion which will provide valuable insights into global metrics and the feasibility and scalability of cybersecurity initiatives. 

Event Details

Date: February 26-27

Location: National Press Club, Washington D.C.

The ‘Possible Solutions’ panel will take place on February 26th from 2:30pm to 3:15pm ET and will be livestreamed. Sign-up for more agenda updates and to receive the livestream link here

About Common Good Cyber 

Common Good Cyber is a global initiative with the goal of identifying sustainable models for supporting groups, organizations, and individuals involved in critical cybersecurity functions for the broader Internet community.

The Internet powers our global life, but its security is at stake. To ensure a safe and lasting digital future, we need to support those tirelessly safeguarding it. From fortifying infrastructure to empowering users, join us in understanding, appreciating, and sustaining the cybersecurity efforts that keep our online world secure for all.

The Global Cyber Alliance is coordinating Common Good Cyber as part of its commitment to Cyber Civil Defense, a coalition dedicated to moving the whole of society forward in ensuring cybersecurity.

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