Video: Common Good Cyber Workshop Sums Up Efforts to Fund Cybersecurity Initiatives

On 26-27 February, about 300 people gathered in Washington, DC and online to discuss sustainable funding models for the nonprofits and public interest organizations that provide cybersecurity for all Internet users. This short video shares some highlights and themes from the event and lays out the next steps we can take.

You can watch the entire conference on YouTube, or you can read the full Workshop Report to learn more about this initiative.

The Common Good Cyber Secretariat is comprised of the Global Cyber Alliance, the Cyber Threat AllianceCyberPeace Institute, the Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams, the Institute for Security and Technology, and the Shadowserver Foundation. Follow along and join us as we actively champion a joint effort that transcends borders and sectors to build a resilient and sustainably funded cybersecurity ecosystem.