Shaping the Future: Meet the Speakers of the Closing Panel of the Common Good Cyber Workshop 

As we approach the Common Good Cyber Workshop, we are thrilled to introduce the speakers who will lead us through the final panel discussion. This insightful session, moderated by Phil Reitinger, aims to prioritize the ideas generated throughout the workshop, identify key stakeholders, analyze barriers, explore governance structures, and determine actionable next steps. Together, these distinguished speakers bring a wealth of expertise and perspectives that promise to chart a course for meaningful progress in sustaining the Internet’s foundations.

Introducing our Speakers 

Moderator: Philip Reitinger

Philip Reitinger, President & CEO of Global Cyber Alliance, is a trailblazer in the cybersecurity realm, renowned for his visionary leadership and commitment to enhancing global cyber resilience. As the moderator of this closing panel, Phil will guide the discussion with his extensive knowledge and strategic vision, ensuring a comprehensive assessment of ideas, and a drive to tangible action moving  forward.

Bobbie Stempfley

Bobbie Stempfley, Vice President and Business Unit Officer at Dell Technologies, brings a wealth of experience in cybersecurity strategy and operations. With a focus on industry perspectives, Bobbie will offer insights into the barriers faced by organizations and potential strategies for overcoming them.

Christopher Painter

Christopher Painter, President of the Global Forum on Cyber Expertise Foundation, is a leading voice in international cybersecurity cooperation, with a focus on building capacity and resilience across borders. His expertise in global cybersecurity governance will inform discussions on next steps and collaborative strategies for advancing cybersecurity.

Eli Sugarman

Eli Sugarman, Senior fellow at Schmidt Futures, an organization dedicated to fostering innovation and addressing societal challenges, brings his expertise in technology policy and philanthropy to provide invaluable perspectives on overcoming barriers and driving collective action in cybersecurity.

Kiersten Todt

Kiersten Todt, CEO and Managing Partner of Liberty Group Ventures, LLC,  is a recognized leader in cybersecurity and risk management, known for her strategic thinking and collaborative approach. Drawing from her diverse experiences, Kiersten will contribute insights into governance structures and effective coordination mechanisms essential for addressing cybersecurity challenges.

Lauren Buitta

Lauren Buitta is the founder and CEO of Girl Security, an organization advancing the full participation of girls and women in national security. As a dynamic leader, Lauren brings a unique perspective on engagement, empowerment and inclusive governance structures. 

Megan Stifel

Megan Stifel, Chief Strategy Officer at Institute for Security and Technology (IST), is a respected figure in cybersecurity policy and risk management. With a keen understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the field, Megan will offer valuable insights into key stakeholders and governance structures critical for advancing cybersecurity initiatives.

Stéphane Duguin

Stéphane Duguin, CEO of the CyberPeace Institute, brings a global perspective to the discussion. His insights into the importance of multistakeholder collaboration and international cooperation will inform discussions on identifying key stakeholders and forging partnerships for cybersecurity.

Event Details

Date: February 26-27

Location: National Press Club, Washington D.C.The closing panel will take place on February 27th from 11am to 12:30pm ET and will be livestreamed here.

About Common Good Cyber 

Common Good Cyber is a global initiative with the goal of identifying sustainable models for supporting groups, organizations, and individuals involved in critical cybersecurity functions for the broader Internet community.

The Internet powers our global life, but its security is at stake. To ensure a safe and lasting digital future, we need to support those tirelessly safeguarding it. From fortifying infrastructure to empowering users, join us in understanding, appreciating, and sustaining the cybersecurity efforts that keep our online world secure for all.

The Global Cyber Alliance is coordinating Common Good Cyber as part of its commitment to Cyber Civil Defense, a coalition dedicated to moving the whole of society forward in ensuring cybersecurity.

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