Kiersten Todt, CEO of Liberty Group Ventures, to Lead Discussions on the Imperative for Sustainable Mechanisms in Cybersecurity 

The Common Good Cyber Workshop, scheduled to take place in Washington D.C. on February 26-27, is honored to welcome Kiersten Todt to lead the first panel of the workshop: Illustration of the Problem. About Kiersten Todt Currently serving as the CEO and Managing Partner of Liberty Group Ventures, Kiersten Todt has played a pivotal role … Read More

Introducing the Common Good Cyber Initiative: Unlocking the Future of Internet Security

The Common Good Cyber initiative is a collaborative effort aimed at galvanizing action to strengthen the Internet’s resilience. Unlike most other services that are a critical part of our lives, like roads and electric power, the Internet relies on people and nonprofits working on shaky ground and razor-thin budgets. The initiative will formally kick off … Read More

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