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European Cyber Agora Community Spotlight Core cybersecurity capabilities serve as the bedrock upon which our connected world thrives. From network operations, to policy tools, operational organisations, and open-source code, these core capabilities are critical to the online experience people are accustomed to. Despite their critical work, there are limited funding mechanisms available to nonprofit organisations … Read More

Coming Next: RSA Conference 2024

Common Good Cyber Track Session

at RSA Conference 2024

Current investments do not adequately support Internet-enabled social and economic progress for everyone. Internet resilience depends on the voluntary contributions of many people, and the resources supporting resilience are razor-thin. What can be done to institutionalize support for common good cybersecurity – to build adequate funding into law and policy, business processes, and government?

Moderator: Phil Reitinger, Global Cyber Alliance


Camille Stewart, The White House

Craig Newmark, Craig Newmark Philanthropies

Megan Stifel, Institute for Security and Technology

Michael Lashlee, Mastercard

Key Elements

When: May 6, 2024 1:10 pm PT

Where: RSA Conference

San Francisco, CA

Consider the positive impact if every funding entity were to allocate just a 1% increase in their grants towards cybersecurity. Common Good Cyber is leading the charge to collectively operationalize this vision, ensuring a secure Internet for future generations.

Megan Stifel, Institute for Security and Technology

Common Good Cyber Workshop

Common Good Cyber Workshop 2024 The workshop which is set to take place at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. on February 26-27 aspires to kickstart Common Good Cyber by nurturing a shared understanding of the issue at hand and cultivating a community united in its commitment to address it. The goal is to … Read More